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The Diary of Devorah Feldschuh
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Date:2003-12-08 16:22
Subject:The Middle of the Second Week
Mood: contemplative

10th September, 1941

I have heard the strangest rumours going about school that one of the boys went about all day yesterday wearing a dress. A dress -- I wonder why? Everyone seems to be saying that it's that Cartier boy, the same one who climbed the bell tower earlier. How very odd; I wonder, is he entirely all right? Perhaps he's ill, somehow?

Classes have, as greatly hoped, kept me very busy. Working on magic has been quite a bit of work, but the other classes have kept me busy, too. We have a new Arts & Literature Mistress this year -- Mistress Hardouin. She is very nice but rather young, and she seems a bit nervous. This week, she's had us working on lists, of how you define art and such.

How do I define art? It's a difficult question. Art is... you can say it's just something beautiful to look at or enjoy. But why does one create art? For the joy of making it? To make others happy? It is difficult. I finally wrote that art is a beautiful or pleasant thing you create in order for both you and others to see the world differently, and rather better than it was.

I wonder -- is this diary art? I write in it because it helps me see things differently, but I hardly think most of it beautiful. My French is not very pretty, but it won't do to not work on it. Why do I write it here? Because I have to -- otherwise I would not be content with myself, I think. It is a difficult thing, to be content with myself.

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Date:2003-11-21 21:24
Mood: excited

1st September, 1941

Finally! Things are beginning again. It is as if awakening from a long, unfortunate dream.

Eugenie arrived last night, thankfully enough; we stayed up rather too late discussing all the things that hadn't come up in her owls. Mostly her things, as I've been quite idle -- as you know, of course. But I don't think I would have been able to sleep, anyway; my mind was swimming with the realization that we should have classes again. Classes again! I never thought I would be so happy for them beginning again.

There are people everywhere now. People everywhere! Today I will attempt to meet some of the first-year girls; perhaps there will be new friends there.

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Date:2003-11-09 13:24
Mood: thoughtful

August 27th, 1941

A long time to go without writing, I know, but the summer has become a long time to go without acting. I have had to remind myself how close term is almost every day.

The room is as clean as it can ever be -- I dust before dust even has a chance to settle. Eugenie has yet to respond to my latest owl, so I can hardly owl her back. I may very well write to Mama and Papa tonight and see if it can be posted -- but the Muggle post seems very funny when you're used to owls.

I will do more reading, I suppose. Perhaps with luck my French will improve before term. I should take these last few days as ein nachdenkliches Schweigen -- how is it in French? -- a pondering silence, a thoughtful silence. Yes.

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Date:2003-10-31 22:40
Subject:Another Beginning

August 22nd, 1941

Diary: Things are beginning to change around here again. It's feeling like fall, not so much outside as in: term will begin soon. I am very glad for it, as there's barely been anyone to talk to.

I began tidying the room today in expectation of Eugenie's return -- I'd like it to be neat and welcoming. She's been so understanding these past years about all the things I've had to do here, I like to make the bother up to her. I sent back an owl to her today, too; even though she'll be home soon, I felt I might as well keep the letters going. I might like to have an owl of my own -- perhaps once term begins?

An owl is a pretty thought, right now. It could go where I can't, as far as it could fly... I have to remind myself that I'm safe here, safe only here. It will be easier once the term begins and I am no longer so lonely.

But there's more tidying to do. That will help me feel better, or at least think other things.

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Date:2003-10-23 17:05
Subject:Obligatory OOC filler post

Okay! This is going to be the journal for Devorah Feldschuh, a character in the thebelljar_rpg game hopefully to be launching soon. For now: filler.

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